The latest from the WWA Policy Desk

By mid-September many a skier’s thoughts turn to snowy days ahead, but this year we’re not the only ones praying for snow. With fires raging across much of the West and snow the only hope for truly extinguishing them, Ullr is getting a lot of requests these days. Between fires and hurricanes it seems the […] Read more.

Midsummer Policy Update: Defending Public Lands on Multiple Fronts

Photo by Luc Mehl   ON JULY 10 THE PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD for Interior Secretary Zinke’s National Monument review closed. In just under two months over one million people weighed in, with the vast majority — 96%! —telling Zinke to leave our National Monuments alone. It was an unprecedented show of public lands advocacy, and […] Read more.

A skiers view of Bears Ears National Monument

Guest post by Michael Whelan  |  Photos by Xhedral A long time ago, in a desert far, far away I was skiing a beautiful line in the La Sals near Moab, Utah. There I met a local who told tales of great powder in a rarely visited mountain range called the Abajos. Part of this range […] Read more.

Economic Impact of Human-powered SnowSports

[Image source: Outdoor Industry Association] With well over 10 million participants each season and more than $4.8 billion in direct consumer spending, human-powered snowsports — including backcountry skiing, alpine touring, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing — constitute the fastest growing segment of winter recreation in the United States. Check out our latest economic impact report, including 2017 numbers from the […] Read more.