Protecting the Backcountry

Winter Wildlands Alliance works across the country to ensure public land management recognizes the needs and desires of backcountry skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers, Nordic skiers and other winter enthusiasts. From the backcountry to the halls of Washington D.C. we work with land managers, elected officials and other stakeholders to pursue a balanced approach to winter recreation management. Read on to learn more about our programs. As an individual, the most important things you can do are to become a member and take action to protect the places where you play.

Winter Wildlands Alliance works at the regional and national scale to shape policy and planning efforts on behalf of our members and grassroots partners. While many public lands decisions are focused on local issues and opportunities, it is also necessary to focus on big picture topics like funding, Forest Plans, and Travel Management Planning.

Because of our work, in 2015 the Forest Service issued new national guidelines to plan for how, and where, winter motorized use can occur on our National Forests. This new rule is a huge step forward for human-powered recreation as well, because for the first time the Forest Service will be implementing a sort of “zoning” approach to the backcountry, with some trails and areas designated to motorized use and other areas set aside for non-motorized users or wildlife. Please visit our Winter Travel Management page to learn more.