Snowpack Prediction Contest

A unique educational activity developed by Winter Wildlands Alliance, the Snowpack Prediction Contest is designed to follow-up the SnowSchool field trip and utilizes local snow/weather stations to engage students and teachers once they are back in their classroom.  Participating in the Snowpack Prediction Contest is simple, fun and transforms learning at SnowSchool from a one day outing into a winter-long science exploration!


Snowpack Prediction Contests by Region:



National Flagship Site (Bogus Basin)

Environmental Resource Center (Ketchum)

SOLE (Schweitzer Basin)

SOLE (Lookout Pass)



SOLE (Flatiron Mountain)



Mt Baker SnowSchool

SOLE (Mt Spokane)


Northern Sierra Region (CA, NV, OR)

Sierra Watershed Education Partnerships (Tahoe City)

Galena Creek

Bay Area Wilderness Training

Winter Trek Express (South Lake Tahoe)

Mt Ashland, Oregon

Mt Shasta Nordic


Wasatch Mountains (UT)

Stokes Nature Center

Cottonwood Canyons Foundation

Swaner EcoCenter



Grand Mesa National Forest

Mountain Research Station at Niwot Ridge (Long-Term Ecological Research site)