Speak Up For the Land and Water Conservation Fund

On September 30 the Land and Water Conservation Fund, one of the most important conservation tools we have, will be gone forever. Right now, Congress needs to hear from people like you who love to get outside on public lands. Please contact your Representative today and tell them to renew the Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

LWCF has been called “America’s most successful conservation program.” It redirects a portion of offshore gas and drilling revenue to lasting conservation programs, like creating urban recreation areas and protecting our National Parks from development. In the past three years alone, the fund has benefited over 1,000 outdoor recreation projects.

LWCF will expire unless Congress renews it, and but we have yet to see them make any strides in reauthorizing the program. Will you speak out now to keep this important program alive?

We need you to email your Representative and tell them to renew LWCF. Click here to send a message today.  Your voice will make a difference.