Help shape the future of Montana’s Flathead National Forest – Comments Due May 15

The Flathead National Forest recently released its draft management plan. This plan sets the stage for how the forest will be managed over the next 20 years.  Your input now will help to protect winter wildlands in the Crown of the Continent.

There are two things you can do to help.  1) Show the Flathead which places are important backcountry skiing access points and destinations using their online mapping tool and 2) Take a few minutes to speak up for protecting winter wildlands on the forest.

In order to protect opportunities for backcountry skiing, skiers need to share information about the places we value using the Forest Service’s online mapping tool.  If you ski in the Swans, the Whitefish Range, the east side of the Missions, or along the Highway 2 corridor will you take a few minutes to show the Forest Service where you go?  You don’t have to give away your secret powder stashes, just indicate the general areas where you ski and include a note saying you’d like to see those areas managed as non-motorized in the winter or that they’re important for backcountry skiing.

Once you’ve done that, will you also take a moment to send a comment letter to the Flathead in support of protecting winter wildlands?

By taking a few minutes to draw on the map and send in a letter you can help to protect winter wildlands and opportunities for backcountry skiing on the Flathead National Forest.