What Matters to Alliance Members

We asked, you answered: here are the results from our latest membership survey.

Photo Credit: Sofia Jaramillo @sofia_jaramillo5

Thank you to everyone who took our 2023 membership survey! We are grateful for your input and time. Your thoughtful feedback is helping us better empower you and our entire Alliance to become highly effective in keeping winters wild for years to come.

As a nonprofit, we are guided by publicly sharing our work and our values. Surveys like this are how we continue to check in directly with members and general supporters alike.

Our staff and board have read and re-read your responses and we wanted to let you know what we understood from your feedback.

Member Satisfaction

Top 3:

Member Values
Member Benefits
Member Activities

We’re grateful that you feel we help you protect your backyard and national winter wildlands. And we’re grateful you trust us to continue doing so. We don’t take it lightly. 

Alongside our community of national partners, grassroots groups, SnowSchool sites, and Backcountry Film Festival hosts, we value your support day in and day out. In the year ahead, we’ll be working to create opportunities for you as a member to have a direct impact in our work and incorporate the feedback you’ve provided.

We do a lot and so do you.

Membership directly impacts the work we do through your financial support, but more importantly by being able to show how widely our mission represents the voice of wild winter recreationists. Our members allow for us to give the qualitative and quantitative voice to solitude. To quiet winter experiences. To future wild winter advocates. To #SkiKind in the skin track.

Thank you again for taking the time to provide your input and for reading the results.

We’d love to continue hearing your feedback on why you are a member or why you are not a member. You can contact our Membership Director, Kate Thorpe, directly at kthorpe@winterwildlands.org with your input at any time.

Other ways to get involved:

Our work exists because of and for you: thank you.