Happy April Fools’ Day

Yes, these updates are fake! Now you’re in on our joke!

Don’t worry SnowSchool is not being rebranded as SoilSchool and the Backcountry Film Festival is not becoming a silent film only program!

Today, we’re taking April 1 as a chance to celebrate the lighter side of life with a special April Fools’ edition of our Stash Blast. While our work tends to keep us serious, we believe in infusing our workdays with joy and positivity whenever we can. April Fools’ Day gives us the perfect opportunity to share a laugh with our amazing community of wild winter enthusiasts.

We hope these jokes brought a smile to your face! As a current member, we are grateful for your support and your role in our Alliance. May the force be with you just like our JEDI Committee!

-Winter Wildlands Alliance Staff