Hans-Peter Marshall

Snow Scientist, Center for Geophysical Investigation of the Shallow Subsurface, Department of Geosciences, Boise State University

Home Base: Boise, ID

Subjects: Snow Water Resources, Snow Avalanches, Glaciology
 Hans-Peter MarshallCryosphere Geophysics and Remote Sensing Group
Facebook: Hans-Peter Marshall
Twitter: @cryogars, @snowradar

Sponsors: NASANational Science Foundation (NSF), U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab (CRREL), Transportation Avalanche Research Pool (TARP), Idaho Power, Flat Earth, Sorcerer Lodge, Alaska Rendezvous Heli-Guides, USDA Northwest Watershed Research Center, Colorado Avalanche Information Center, Idaho Transportation Department

H.P. is a snow scientist and glaciologist who uses geophysics and engineering tools to study the cryosphere. A major focus of his research involves quantifying the spatial variability of the seasonal snowcover and its effect on remote sensing measurements, snow hydrology, and snow avalanches. Recent advances in technology have resulted in new rapid ground-based snow measurement methods, which he uses to quantify snow properties to test and improve snow models and microwave retrieval algorithms. His interests also include snow slope stability modeling, snow and ice mechanics, and meltwater pathways in both snow and temperate ice.

As a Winter Wildlands Alliance ambassador, H.P. is an advocate for human-powered snow science, and supports our SnowSchool programs through grant writing and snow science curriculum development.

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