Grassroots Spotlight: Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition

Right now the Chugach National Forest, in Alaska, is accepting public comment on the draft EIS for its forest plan revision. We’ll have more about that process, and our thoughts on the draft EIS, in a future blog post. Today, we want to highlight one of the grassrooots groups that we’re working with in Alaska to protect wild places and quiet winter landscapes on the Chugach – the Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition.

Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition brings together visionary adventurers and the local outdoor community to inspire grassroots activism. Recognizing that soundscapes are an important dimension of the winter environment, AQRC empowers climbers, skiers, hikers, and other backcountry travelers to help protect the natural, quiet character of Alaskan wildlands.

Here’s a brief look at some of the places where they work. Photos all courtesy of AQRC board member Will Elliott.