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Comment Now on Alaska’s Chugach National Forest Plan

Photo by Luc Mehl Public Comment Period Closes November 1, 2018! The 5.4-million-acre Chugach National Forest in southcentral Alaska, America’s most northerly national forest, is currently revising its outdated 2002 Land Management Plan. Covering an area the size of New Hampshire, stretching from the snowy peaks of Prince William Sound to the Kenai Peninsula, the Chugach features spectacular coastal mountains […]

Action Alert: Protect Pacific Valley and Eagle Roadless Areas on the Stanislaus NF

Pacific Valley Near Natural Area, Stanislaus National Forest. Photo by Steve Evans, CalWild   Comment Deadline: October 9, 2018 Two important and sensitive roadless areas are currently at high risk of being designated open to motorized over-snow vehicle (OSV) use on the Stanislaus National Forest in California’s Sierra Nevada. The Pacific Valley, a beautiful 10,500 acre […]