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An Open Letter to the Snowmobile Community

Invariably I find far more that unites us in our shared love of winter than anything that might divide us. We should be unified in our support and defense of public lands, and our ability to use them responsibly. In an effort toward understanding and respect, I hope you’ll hear me out in response to the recent alerts.


Boise State University Students Give Back to SnowSchool

Like opting to blaze a new trail through un-tracked powder, trying new things at SnowSchool can often lead to unexpectedly positive results. So when Boise State University reached out to Winter Wildlands Alliance in 2015 about engaging first generation college students in SnowSchool, we went into the experience with an open mind. Having never before […]

SnowSchool Curriculum Update

A program of Winter Wildlands Alliance, SnowSchool is an unforgettable winter adventure that combines hands-on science education with outdoor snowshoe exploration for 28,000 K-12 students each winter.  The recent cold autumn weather is a good reminder that the SnowSchool season will soon be upon us.  But it’s far from business as usual this year; with […]