In the World of Freeride, there is a lot of variants: the comps, the tricks, the sponsors and the “big” names who travel around amazing places to produce their movies. Backflippers tells about another side of the Freeride scenery. Throughout winter a group of kids, between 13 and 18, takes part of a learning program in Montafon here in the Alps. With the coaching of Jani and Simo, their trainers, the kids learn about skiing off-piste, reading terrain, tricks, safety and, last but not least, enjoying the white mountain. All this without forgetting that Freeride is, first of all, a game and pure fun! At this young age the kids with their own and unique personality and of course with their different ambitions, embrace deeply the love for skiing and they never miss the opportunity to go Upside Down!

Luigi Dellarole | 3 min 41 sec