Become a SnowSchool Site

As a SnowSchool site you have access to unique Winter Wildlands Alliance resources to help grow/improve your new or existing program.  You also have the opportunity to network with educators who are pursuing creative ways to introduce students to snowshoeing and experience the wonder of winter exploration!  Winter Wildlands Alliance chooses new SnowSchool sites based on the following requirements:

Basic requirements for becoming a SnowSchool site:

  • Ideally each site must be a nonprofit organization or government entity.  In some cases other types of organizations may become a SnowSchool site if they are collaborating with nonprofits, school districts or other government organizations.  SnowSchool sites span a range of locations/organizations from national and regional parks to national forests, Nordic centers, nonprofit museums, nature centers and educational institutions.
  • Sites must be willing to partner with local schools and teachers to schedule SnowSchool field trips.
  • Utilizing curriculum materials provided by Winter Wildlands Alliance as a reference point, every site prepares a basic SnowSchool curriculum (including teaching aids, activities, and lesson plans) tailored specifically to the site’s unique culture and winter environment. Existing educational materials are shared among sites, making it easier for new sites to get started and existing sites to improve programs.
  • After each winter season sites report; programs offered, estimated number of student participants, and provide WWA additional information about their programs.

Benefits of becoming a SnowSchool site:

  • SnowSchool sites have access to exclusive deals on snow shoes!
  • SnowSchool sites have access to new K-12 curriculum and activity guides that are developed and updated regularly!  Email for more information.
  • SnowSchool sites have access to start-up resources like logistical guides and sample budgets, making it easier to launch a new program!  Sites also can work directly with Kerry McClay Ed.D. National SnowSchool Director.  Dr. McClay helped establish the SnowSchool program at Bogus Basin and has mentored dozens of organizations working to start and improve SnowSchool programs around the country.
  • SnowSchool sites are included in an existing Memorandum of Understanding that WWA maintains with the US Forest Service, making it easier start a SnowSchool site on public lands.
  • SnowSchool sites have access to fundraising opportunities for their programs.  For example, each year SnowSchool sites around the country host a local showing of the WWA Backcountry Film Festival and in doing so raise thousands of dollars to directly support local SnowSchool education programs.
  • SnowSchool sites get the opportunity to collaborate with other educators and groups doing similar work!
  • SnowSchool site information and links appear on this website and are promoted nationally!
  • There is no cost associated with being a SnowSchool site!  WWA is a non-profit organization working to support the educational programs of SnowSchool sites across the country.

For more information, or to express your interest in becoming a SnowSchool site, contact Kerry McClay at or call Winter Wildlands Alliance at: (208) 336-4203