From new Wilderness recommendations to Recreation Emphasis Areas that focus on winter, there’s a lot backcountry skiers will like in this new Forest Plan—but there’s still work left to do to ensure wild places across the forest are protected.

The epicenter of a tragic wildfire in 1910, the Great Burn has been left alone for a century of regrowth. Today, it is a recommended wilderness area along the Montana-Idaho stateline with an abundance of wildlife habitat. As the Forest Service rewrites the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest Plan, the Great Burn needs continued protection.

Busy times: Wolverines in Mongolia, collaboration in Montana, OSV planning in California, climate action in DC, anti-conservation plots in Utah, Alaska, Minnesota…

Get involved in forest planning on Custer Gallatin National Forest to shape the future of places of Hyalite Canyon, the Bridger Range, and the Beartooth Mountains.