The Recreation Impact Monitoring System (RIMS) mobile application is a smartphone-based data collection and analysis tool that provides winter recreation monitoring and data collection. Here’s how to use it.

This new National Monument honors the heroes of the 10th Mountain Division and America’s human-powered recreation culture.

We’re working with WWA grassroots group Wasatch Backcountry Alliance to push back against the proposed gondola in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Help us protect the Western Arctic! Comment on the BLM’s SEIS for the proposed Ambler Road in Alaska by Nov 4, 2022.

We were rallying in 2020, using our collective voice in 2021, and celebrating in April 2022… but here we are again. Senate Republicans are trying to turn back the clock to 2020 and kneecap NEPA forever. We made them listen to us before: let’s do it again.