Comments due Aug 6 on Eldorado NF winter travel plan. Please support Alternative 3!

After thorough analysis, we believe the Eldorado’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for over-snow vehicle (OSV) designation fails in a number of ways to comply with NEPA and the 2015 OSV Rule. We hope that the Eldorado will go back to the drawing board, as the Lassen did, and significantly revise this draft before moving on.

Meanwhile, the forest’s Proposed Action (Alternative 2) reverses historic protections and opens to snowmobiles many important and longstanding non-motorized areas, including the Loon Lake Winter Recreation Area, the historic Van Vleck closure, the Ludlow Hut, Barrett Lake Road, the Nordic ski areas off Highway 50 and Echo Summit, as well as Anderson Ridge and numerous traditionally non-motorized areas accessed from the Carson Pass corridor. Alternative 4 even proposes to change the Forest Plan to allow OSVs in the Caples Creek recommended wilderness area, semi-primitive non-motorized high country areas, and in the Round Top Biological/Geological Special Interest Area! Click here to use our mapping tool to see how this plan might impact your favorite zones on the Eldorado NF.

Only Alternative 3 presents a clear-eyed vision for winter travel management that recognizes these historically non-motorized areas, focuses OSV designations in areas where OSV use actually occurs, and acknowledgescognizes that not all parts of the forest receive sufficient snow for OSV recreation. Click here for our full summary and analysis.