David Page Takes Lead as WWA Executive Director

Not 4th of July. Photo by David Weinstein.

The Winter Wildlands Alliance Board of Directors  wishes a warm welcome to a true friend of the mission, David Page, who will be taking the executive director leadership position on June 3rd, 2022.

We have known David since he joined WWA in 2016. At that time, he was a writer (and skier) who had parlayed a BA, MA, and MFA into 8 awards including Outdoor Writer of the Year, and published articles like “Rituals: The Last Run” in the New York Times, and “The Human Factor” in Powder Magazine.

Since then, he has lent more than 6 years of his eloquence and environmental values to the core mission of our stakeholders. As our Advocacy Director, David has earned the respect of both public and private sector actors, managed passionate groups of public land users, and found solutions in the backcountry where people (and animals) thought there simply might not be any.

As Policy Director during the founding years of Outdoor Alliance California, he helped create an important place at the table for the human-powered outdoor recreation community on a broad range of topics from sustainable recreation management to climate resilience to equitable access. David also led WWA through our critical initial winter recreation planning processes in California, where those plans are now poised to serve as models for the significant work ahead across the nation. As these slow and contentious processes have unfolded, he also, critically, won the respect and support of our staff. This means a great deal to us as we believe our team is the strongest it has been in the 22 years since we were founded.

With more than a dozen years of non-profit leadership and governance experience, David’s boots are firmly on the ground. His experience working on the front lines in Washington D.C., in County Commissioner offices, at our SnowSchools with our kids, in our Film Festivals, with our grassroots groups, with our Outdoor Alliance partners, with our partners in the Forest Service, and of course high in the cirques and chutes of the Sierra Nevada and Teton Range — sets him up to break some solid new skin track for WWA without a missing a step.

David, thank you for all you have already given the mission and our members. We are delighted to have more of your voice, thoughtfulness, and now leadership in the era ahead. Your commitment to the wild inspires us all. Onward!

Keep Winter Wild,

The Winter Wildlands Alliance Board of Directors

Hal Hallstein, President
Megan Birzell
Jennifer Bock
Tony Ferlisi
Michael Fiebig
Robin Harms
Erik Lambert
Rich Meyer
Jennifer Miller
Jaime Musnicki
Jason Pouncy
Denis Tuzinovic
Scott White
Laura Yale