Emilé Zynobia

Snowboarder, Environmentalist, Writer

Home Base: Jackson, Wyoming

Instagram: @Curlsinthewild

Emilé is an avid splitboarder, environmental writer, and conservationist. She is pursuing her Masters at the Yale School of the Environment focusing on land management, ecosystem conservation, and climate change. She is broadly interested in natural resource management and conflict resolution. At Yale, she serves as the executive co-director of the Environmental Film Festival. She has worked for the Bureau of Land Management as a range technician, an instructor for National Outdoor Leadership School, and taught at Teton Science Schools. She is leveraging media and writing to better communicate the nuances of our modern socio-ecological context. Emilé is currently working on her first snowboard filming project this Winter 20/21. As a black female outdoor enthusiast, she is deeply passionate about increasing accessibility for the BIPOC community to experience winter landscapes through the vehicle of winter sports. She works with brands like Patagonia, The North Face, Vans, Smartwool, and Rivian.

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