There are a bunch of reasons I became a member of Winter Wildlands Alliance years ago. I could say that it was because I wanted to support protecting, advocating, leading policy and speaking for the places I seek refuge and solace during the winter, providing a community through the Backcountry Film Festival and tour, fostering future winter players through SnowSchool, creating a movement of passionate people and organizations supporting human powered adventure…really, it wasn’t around one initiative or because of a certain event, but it was because I wanted to drop my hard-earned dollar to support what I knew. Having amazing experiences in the backcountry.

We all have our paths and throughout my work and play, mine led me here. Thanks to Sarah Michael (founder of Winter Wildlands Alliance), our engaged and driven Board of Directors, and an extra-large shout out to Mark Menlove for all of his work over the past 14 years, and of course, the incredible team that is the staff that keeps the skin track clear. We have exciting times ahead and I’m humbled to be the new Executive Director of such a vibrant and engaged group of hard working people. That means you, too. Winter Wildlands Alliance members are at the core of who we are, so thank you. As winter and spring slowly transition into the warm weather months, we are still working. What we do goes on 365 days a year – it’s our business to keep growing, keep defending our winter ecosystems and wild places to make a difference and protect the places we recreate, find solace, find peace and create exceptional experiences. So if you aren’t a member, please join us. If you are, thank you. I am looking forward to Keeping Winter Wild with you.

Todd Walton
Executive Director