The Future of Wild Winters

Where wildlife and people thrive

America’s wild snowscapes provide a thriving, interconnected refuge for biodiversity, clean air and water, climate resilience, and low-impact sustainable recreation.

Our public lands are well managed, stewarded year-round, and durably protected from development and overuse.

Opportunities to experience awe, solitude, wildness and natural soundscapes are accessible to all people.

How Do We Get There?

Winter Wildlands Alliance works to inspire and empower people to protect America’s wild snowscapes. Founded in 2000, Winter Wildlands Alliance grew out of the recognition that backcountry and Nordic skiers, snowshoers, snowboarders and winter mountaineers needed a strong collective voice to engage on a wide range of issues that impact the winter backcountry. The Alliance has since grown to include 33 grassroots groups and 70 SnowSchool sites across 17 states, from Maine to California to Alaska.

Winter recreation has changed radically since we started, with more people than ever heading into the backcountry, and ever better technologies taking people ever deeper into nature’s wildest redoubts—just as winter itself becomes increasingly threatened by a changing climate.

Collectively, we believe that the refuge and natural climate resilience provided by wild places are essential to the sustainability of all species, including our own. This drives us to show up on public lands policy and planning whenever and wherever we can, encouraging policymakers and land management agencies—the United States Forest Service and the National Park Service in particular—to make plans and adopt policies that support responsible stewardship of natural ecosystems, watershed and forest health, and sustainable recreation access for all.

Join Winter Wildlands Alliance today to support our year-round work protecting America’s wild snowscapes for generations to come.

Our Programs

Winter Wildlands Alliance is a national nonprofit organization working to
inspire and empower people to protect America’s wild snowscapes.