Wild Winter Women take on Grand Traverse to benefit Winter Wildlands Alliance

Hallie Holland and Taylor Schefstrom are racing to raise funds and awareness for Winter Wildlands Alliance.

Help Hallie and Taylor reach their goal of $5000!

At midnight on Friday, March 23rd, Taylor Schefstrom and Hallie Holland (aka the Wild Winter Women) will leave Crested Butte on skis to travel 40 miles through the night to Aspen, Colorado as part of the classic backcountry race, the Grand Traverse.

The team will be racing to raise funds for Winter Wildlands Alliance, helping to build a movement of the protection of wild winter landscapes we all know and love.

“Access to the winter backcountry is something we all live for,” they say, “but keeping those places wild, quiet, and free takes an incredible amount of work. We seek to partner with the Winter Wildlands Alliance to raise funds that will support their work in advocacy, outreach and education, so that our beloved winter backcountry playgrounds will continue to be protected for human-powered travel and provide meaningful experiences for many generations to come.”


Updates from the team

Putting in some training time!

Thanks for the support!

What your support means:

Support the Wild Winter Women and help grow a force for the defense of public lands, winter ecosystems and wild places. All proceeds will go to the Winter Wildlands Alliance and help support their conservation and outreach efforts. Your donation will also include a membership to WWA, making you a crucial part of this movement!

Below are suggested donation levels and how they benefit Winter Wildlands Alliance programs.
  • Grassroots Alliance Level $40 (one dollar for each mile that the Wild Winter Women will ski)
    Winter Wildlands Alliance works with 40 local grassroots groups throughout the country to protect winter wildlands and a quality human-powered snowsports experience on public lands.
  • SnowSchool Level $60 (one cent for each of the 6000 feet that the Wildland Women will climb en route to Aspen)
    A program of Winter Wildlands Alliance, SnowSchool introduces kids to the joys of exploring our nation’s winter wildlands. This national program engages over 33,000 participants annually across 65 sites.
  • The Advocate Level $200 (two dollars and fifty cents for each of the combined 80 miles that the Wildland Women will ski)
    Winter Wildlands Alliance works with and for you – the human-powered winter recreation community – to ensure the next generation has the same opportunity to explore and enjoy winter wildlands as we do today.
  • The Keep Winter Wild Level $500 More than an organization, Winter Wildlands Alliance is a movement working to protect the primal winter landscapes we all know and love.

Taylor Schefstrom, 31, grew up in Southern Oregon and began ski touring in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. She completed the Grand Traverse previously in 2014 and has since traveled on ski expeditions to Iceland’s Troll Peninsula, Hokkaido Japan, the Swiss Alps, and Alaska.

Hallie Holland, 24, is an Idaho native transplanted to Oregon and a lifelong skier and outdoorswoman. She has guided outdoor education courses in the US and Chile, works as a whitewater guide in the summer, and now lives and works in Utah’s Wasatch Range, a premier ski touring destination.