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Halina Boyd

Professional Big Mountain Snowboarder

Home Base: Jackson, WY

Instagram: @hbombtheorginal
Facebook: Halina Boyd

Sponsors: Jones Snowboards, Shred Optics, FlyLow Gear, Cotopaxi, Eekoe, Honeystinger, Big Agnes, Jetboil

Halina is currently working on a project in Nepal where she will be snowboard mountaineering at Annapurna Base Camp and highlighting a women’s guiding business; Three Sisters Trekking. The first of their kind, the three sister’s mission is to train and certify Nepalese women to become mountain guides. This is a huge step in the women’s empowerment movement that is beginning to take hold in Nepal. She’ll be spending the next year training and working on her mountaineering skills to return to Nepal in 2018 to snowboard at Annapurna Base Camp.

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