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Kt Miller

Adventure Photographer, Filmmaker, Pro Athlete

Home Base: Cooke City, MT

Website: Kt Miller
Instagram: @ktmillerphoto
Facebook: Kt Miller Photo
Twitter: @ktmillerphoto

Sponsors: Hyperlite, Julbo, Dynafit, LowePro, Voke Tab

Kt is one of only a handful of female adventure photographers capturing imagery in some of the wildest corners of the planet. Along with her media skills she is an accomplished athlete in her own right and has skied many high level routes and first descents around the world. She specializes in human powered adventure.

Each fall Kt spends a few months working in the Arctic with Polar Bears International as a media specialist, troubleshooting wireless internet on the tundra, photographing polar bears, and hosting the worlds leading polar bear and climate scientists for large digital outreach initiatives. She hopes her work inspires others to take action on climate change, connect more with the natural world, and become better stewards of the environment.

Shifting Ice + Changing Tides TEASER from Kt Miller on Vimeo.

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