Last Chance to Comment on the Draft Shoshone National Forest Travel Plan

November 18, 2021, is the last day to submit comments and to establish standing for possible objection to the final plan.

Photo: Zach Snavely

The Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming is a cornerstone of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and a world-class forest for wildlife habitat and backcountry recreation. Unfortunately, the forest’s new draft travel plan generally fails to minimize impacts to wildlife and, with one exception for a historic cross-country ski area on Togwotee Pass, actually proposes to exacerbate rather than reduce conflicts between motorized and non-motorized recreation.

If you only comment on one thing, we hope it’s this: The Forest should NOT extend the open snowmobile season to June 15. As fun as it is to ride sleds on the Beartooth Pass, there’s a whole season of opportunity to do so BEFORE the pass opens to cars and skiers and sight-seers, and before the grizzlies start coming out of their dens with their spring cubs. Let’s keep the pass and the headwall pleasant for non-motorized recreation (and wildlife) from April 30-June 15. Sleds and hybrid skiers get it for the rest of the winter!

Prefer to dig in and make a longer comment? Click here to dive deeper into our winter travel planning issues on the Shoshone. Or if you’re really ambitious: Read the latest (Oct 2021) Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) here. Either way, click the button below to COMMENT NOW (we’ve got some other high-level bullet points for you to reference right on the form):