Luc Mehl

Environmental Data Scientist/Programmer/Wilderness Adventurer

Home Base: Anchorage, Ak


Sponsors: Fairweather Ski Works, Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Luc’s respect for winter started in rural Alaska, bungee-corded to his mom on the back of a snowmachine. Dogsleds, wood stoves, and -40 ºF temperatures were the norm in McGrath, a half-native village with population 500. After college and two graduate programs in geology/geophysics, Luc returned to Alaska to pursue environmental science and wilderness adventure. Luc honed efficient travel techniques on summer and winter Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classics—100 to 200 mile off-trail routes typically finished in 4 or 5 days. Luc then started applying those techniques to larger objectives, such as traverses over North America’s three tallest mountains (Denali, Logan, and Orizaba). Luc’s treks typically involve abundant creativity and multiple modes of travel, including skis, packrafts, bikes, and ice skates. Luc promotes environmental awe and conservation through his photography, trip reports, and videos.

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