Member Profile: Bruce Gugliotta

In Lyon Mountain, NY, Bruce finds himself at home in wild snow with his family. As a WWA member, he’s helping us save wild winters for his daughters and future public lands stewards.

Photo Credit: @aaroper

*This article was featured in our Trail Break – Fall 2021 edition

Why and when did you get involved with Winter Wildlands Alliance?

I found out about WWA through a Facebook ad during the Idaho Gives event. I really connected with the mission, with the advocacy around the science of climate change. I was feeling very defeated with our pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement and my own representative’s approach and opinion on climate change and wanted to help contribute to the cause.

What is the primary value for you in being a Winter Wildlands Alliance member?

I have three children—13, 4 and 3—and hope that they will be forever able to know winter.

I love to backcountry ski and I want my children to be able to do that.

What are some issues affecting winter wildlands that are important to you?

Political inaction.

What is the most important thing you tell others about Winter Wildlands Alliance?

This organization uses funding from donations to put people in the places where voice means something. Nothing will change if we just hope it does. We need people talking and presenting to members of Congress and Winter Wildlands Alliance puts the resources to advocacy at the federal, state and local levels.

Bruce in the outdoors (New York); Photo Credit: Bruce Gugliotta

Bruce’s kids enjoying the snow (New York); Photo Credit: Crystal Gugliotta