National Public Lands Day: Membership Matters

WWA members inspire and support our work to protect access to public lands every day of the year.

Photo: Terray Sylvester/

Since 1994, National Public Lands Day has brought awareness and communities together to learn, volunteer, and share the magic of America’s public lands. Every year on the fourth Saturday of September, we’re reminded how often our public lands connect us – national day or not.

2020 is no exception to this tradition of reminding, learning, and sharing. Public lands have seen a major increase in usage since we all became quarantined to our backyards and local trails. Folks are not only learning how to access their local public lands, but also how to take care of those landscapes. Other folks are struggling to educate newcomers and share what it means to be an environmental steward in a time of mostly virtual interactions. At WWA, we celebrate our public lands every day. Our work to protect these landscapes happens all year long – whether the snow is falling in the backcountry or the sun is beating down on the hiking trail.

This month, we’re celebrating WWA members as our resident upstanders for environmental stewardship and education, as well as our main supporters for the work we do to ensure public lands stay accessible and protected year-round. As an Alliance of outdoor enthusiasts, we will continue to be asked to do more for our public lands as the world continues to adapt.

WWA Membership Director, Jay Peery

Recently, we brought Jay Peery on as our full-time Membership Director. This act directly aligns with our organizational strategy to grow our membership base – in experience and intent – for our current members and future members. Jay says, “Joining the staff at WWA fulfills a long-held aspiration of mine to work with a nonprofit focused on protecting access to public lands, conserving the environment, and advocating for wild places. WWA is the national voice of the winter human-powered recreation community. We work at the confluence of stewardship, advocacy, education, and inspiration, with a clear mission and mandate to protect wild winter places. In my new position, I will be working to grow the ranks of our membership. Anyone who loves winter and wild places should consider joining WWA. Each new member adds more power to the collective voice of our organization and brings their own unique life experience, personality, and insights to our community.”

So, as you begin to see leaves falling, jackets and sweaters worn on daily walks in your neighborhood, and you start dreaming of deep powder and long days spent up and down the mountain, we ask that you think intentionally on the future of public lands. How are you a steward for the landscapes you enjoy? Are there more ways you can connect yourself and others to nature? What is your role in our Alliance of wild winter adventurers? We’ll be here doing the work alongside you, and we hope you join us.

To further celebrate National Public Lands Day and all the outdoor magic it reminds us of, anyone that joins WWA as a member throughout September will be entered into a drawing for an Osprey Packs backpack and YETI cooler prize package (worth $750)!*

Why not make your first act of stewardship gifting a WWA membership to your favorite backcountry buddy? Or by becoming a member today and sharing with us what outdoor space inspired your membership? Check the status of your membership and other preferences via our Self-Service Portal.

More information about National Public Lands Day can be found on the NEEF website and NPS website.

*WWA National Public Lands September Member Giveaway Rules:

Current members will be entered automatically. Any new or renewed members to sign up in the months of August or September 2020 will also be entered automatically. We will contact the winner via email on October 1, 2020. If we do not hear back from the winner by Oct 15, 2020, a new winner will be selected and contacted. A winner has 15 days to claim the prize package.