At the intersection of community, human-powered recreation, and snow comes the Backcountry Film Festival. Created in 2004 to highlight Winter Wildlands Alliance’s efforts to preserve and promote winter landscapes for human-powered users, the film festival is the common ground where similar interests and diverse skillsets meet. The Backcountry Film Festival is renowned for its collaboration with filmmakers from all corners of the globe, ranging grassroots to professional.  The festival provides a fresh lineup committed to get you awakened to the powder turns as well as environmental initiatives happening all around the world.

How does the Backcountry Film Festival work?

Snow Happens → The Magic is Captured on Film (By a Professional or Novice Filmmaker) → The Films Most in Line With the BCFF Mission are Chosen → An Organization or Company in Your Town Hosts a Screening →  You Connect with Your Backcountry Community and Enjoy the Show!

Who attends the Backcountry Film Festival?

From polar explorers to weekend warriors between the ages of three to one-hundred and three, the BCFF is attended by anyone with an interest in the outdoors. Each year, the BCFF is viewed by over 10,000 outdoor enthusiasts.

Who Sponsors the Backcountry Film Festival?

Black Diamond




Backcountry Magazine

Elemental Herbs




Goal Zero

Atlas Snow Shoe Company

Mountain Khakis


Odell Brewing Co


What is featured in the Backcountry Film Festival This Year?


The films feature awe-inspiring stories, aimed for you to connect with and gain insight to what is happening in the places where you go to get fresh air.


Where can I Find More Information?

Find the closest show near you at The website is updated daily and will give you venue and host information.

You can also follow news, updates, and articles on FaceBook, click HERE


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