Ski Kind

In skiing and riding, we are our best selves.

To Ski Kind means to lead with your best self in the skin track, around the parking lot, up on your local mountain, or wherever you find yourself gliding over snow.

We’ve worked with a variety of outdoor industry organizations, partners, and individuals to create this Backcountry Responsibility Code. We hope you’ll join and share with your backcountry community.

Backcountry Responsibility Code

Ski No Trace: Take only photos, leave only tracks. Keep our water clean. Pack out your poop. And your dog’s poop. Don’t trash the backcountry.

Ski Self-Reliant: Carry what you need. Be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Practice rescues. Don’t put yourself where you can’t get out.

Ski Inclusive: Share it. Everyone’s welcome. Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Acknowledge native stewardship. Be a positive part of the community.

Ski Aware: Avalanches ruin lives. Get educated. Understand snowpack, terrain and conditions. Know the forecast. Be aware of other people. Have a plan. Be prepared to change it. Keep your eyes and mind open.

Ski Respectful: Be nice. Make space. Park appropriately. Respect closures, guidelines and other users. Don’t posthole or pee in the skintrack. Look before you ski. #RecreateResponsibly

Ski Smart: Know your gear. Know your limits. Keep skills sharp. Check beacons. Dig pits. Avoid risky terrain and conditions. Live to ski another day.

Ski Kind: Do right by others. Be a good neighbor. Help out. Don’t be a jerk. Be kind even to someone who’s being a jerk.