SnowSchool Teams Up with NASA SnowEx and Alaska SnowEd!

This year SnowSchool is again partnering with the NASA SnowEx campaign to bring students and teachers closer to the fascinating world of snow science!

The NASA SnowEx campaign is based in Alaska this winter and a team of SnowEd educators at the University of Alaska Fairbanks have been hard at work creating two types of snow education kits. Large snow science kits designed for educators are packed with tools and the instrument necessary to do outdoor snow science activities with students are being sent out to over 30 SnowSchool sites across the country!

Additionally these are being accompanied by batches of small snow science education kits (see below) that feature activities to help kids and their families living anywhere (even if they don’t have snow) learn more about snow science and winter. Recently National SnowSchool Director Kerry McClay caught up with Serina Wesen and Matthew Sturm to explore two of their favorite activities featured in the small snow kits.

Born and raised in Alaska and the education and outreach designer for the Snow, Ice, and Permafrost Group at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute, Serina shared her “Walking on Snow” activity. This hands exploration allows students who don’t have access to snow to explore engineering snowshoes to help keep you afloat in the snow. And while the simulated snowshoes in the kit helped the Alaskan moose stay above the snow, it did fall over a time or two… which accurately describes the snowshoeing experience many of us often have. Check out the video to learn more!

Matthew, Professor of Geophysics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and author of the recently published Field Guide to Snow, demonstrated an activity he created that guides kids through the process of cutting out scientifically accurate 6 sided snow crystals. “Its amazing how easy it is to get it wrong and how much fun it is when you get it right!” Matthew says. Check out the video to see this demonstration!

This collaboration between SnowSchool and Alaska SnowEd will feature additional videos, NASA snow scientists presenting to SnowSchool sites and larger hands-on snow science kits delivered directly to educators and teachers nationally! Stayed tuned for more updates!

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Want to receive a small snow kit for you and your family? Contact and we will follow-up as supplies allow!