Through Winter Wildlands Alliance SnowSchool we strive every year to be a national leader in promoting winter outdoor education for youth.  In recognition of our efforts on this front WWA was invited this past month to present on the SnowSchool program at the annual conference of the North American Association for Environmental Education.  In attendance at the “A Force for the Future” themed conference in Spokane WA were leaders and innovators in the field of environmental education from dozens of countries covering all continents.  The focus of the SnowSchool presentation was WWA’s unique snow science curriculum and our recent success working collaboratively with local organizations to serve youth in diverse communities.  Co-presenting with the Northern Idaho Flagship SnowSchool Site (Selkirik Outdoor Leadership and Education) we detailed engaging hands-on snow science activities that can be done almost anywhere and that connect to K-12 science curriculum.  This type of ongoing outreach and exposure helps sustain program growth nationally.  Look for more updates from us on new SnowSchool sites as the season progresses!  Click here for more information on SnowSchool.