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Skiing Sustainably: Embrace the Eco-Flow

Eco-friendly and high performance should not be mutually exclusive. We dive into the rise of eco-wax and the slow demise of fluorinated wax.
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The Importance of Wilderness for Snow Science

Why non-motorized areas are important for data collecting and how SnowSchool provides real time data for NASA research through SnowEx
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February 2021 Policy Update

The February 2021 policy update from Policy Director, Hilary Eisen: Avalanche safety, Protect America's Wilderness Act Plus, and Secretary of the Interior Confirmation Hearing
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We Are Here

I didn't realize how much weight I was bearing — how much baseline discomfort; how much sadness, stress and loneliness — until I acknowledged it, and then slowly began to let it go.
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Of the People and the Land

This story teaches many things, but most importantly a deep respect, love and compassion for the place we inhabit, as we are quite literally on the back of another creature. These days, the respect, love and compassion has been broken.
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It Takes a Snow Village

The educators, snow scientists, education centers, snowshoe makers, and students: the people of the National SnowSchool Network.
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Snow Rangers to the Rescue

New programs are springing up across the country to help people enjoy the winter backcountry safely and responsibly.
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Keeping It Cool

How public lands will help us address the climate crisis.
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January 2021 Policy Update

The December 2020 policy update from Policy Director, Hilary Eisen: Cabinet nominations, our Grassroots Groups, and SnowSchool at Home
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No Heli-Skiing in the Centennial Mountains!

The Forest Service is poised to permit commercial heli-skiing in Idaho's Centennial Mountains. We need your help to keep helicopters out of this special place.

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