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Shoshone Winter Travel Planning Is Underway

The public comment period is open until August 29th. Limiting snowmobile use before Memorial Day weekend on the Beartooth Pass is one of many issues in the plan.
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The Ambler Road Is a ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts’

A 211-mile-long gravel highway proposed through the Brooks Range in Alaska will devastate the fragile arctic tundra’s landscape, biodiversity, and Native livelihood. We must stop the road—and the proposed mines it leads to—from getting built.
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Today, Winter Wildlands Alliance and the American Alpine Club joined forces with 20 other conservation and environmental justice organizations to sue the Trump Administration and stop it’s evisceration of the National Environmental Policy…
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Administration Moves Forward To Gut NEPA

New regulations weaken our nation’s cornerstone environmental law. We’re still fighting.
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Custer Gallatin Forest Plan Brings Historic New Wilderness Recommendations

From new Wilderness recommendations to Recreation Emphasis Areas that focus on winter, there’s a lot backcountry skiers will like in this new Forest Plan—but there’s still work left to do to ensure wild places across the forest are protected.

FAQ about the National Environmental Policy Act

The National Environmental Policy Act was signed into law on January 1, 1970. For 50 years, it has helped the government consider the environment in its decision-making. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the law, how its implemented, and what it means for outdoor enthusiasts.
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Take Action for the National Environmental Policy Act

We’ve made it easy to send a letter to your representative to ask them to defend the National Environmental Policy Act. Fill out the form below.

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