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What Matters to Members

We asked, our members answered: here are the results from our 2023 membership survey. Thanks for supporting our Alliance and work!

Policy Update – January 2024

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We share the latest from our policy staff in January 2024's grassroots policy update.

Colorado Winter Recreation Data Collection Contest

Get outside to win! From January 1 - April 30, 2024, use the Recreation Impact Monitoring System (RIMS) mobile app to win our prize package.

Introducing Wintering Wildlife Conservation Initiative 2024

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A collaborative effort seeks to educate winter recreationists on minimizing their impact on wildlife, particularly ungulates, during the challenging winter months.

Trail Break Radio: Episode 9

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How can land managers help us reduce our collective impact on the lands where we recreate?

Meet Our New Staff

Welcome Brittany Leffel, Colorado Policy Coordinator, and Kelly Bessem, California Stewardship Manager, to our wild winter team!

The Buzz of Winter Bees

A favorite poem and snippet of ours from Joyce Sidman's "Winter Bees and Other Poems of the Cold."

Prepare to be SnowSchooled!

Our 2024 SnowSchool season begins! Thousands of kids are beginning to romp on snowshoes through their local wild snowscapes.

Trail Break Radio: Episode 8

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Is our growing presence in the backcountry stressing wintering wildlife and degrading their habitats?