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Biden Administration Says No To the Ambler Road

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The Biden Administration announces it's intent to deny the Ambler Road, marking a victory for conservation and environmental justice, safeguarding Alaska's Brooks Range.

Rise and Fall of the Redline

WWA Executive Director, David Page, reflects on the changing landscape of backcountry skiing after attending a documentary screening inspired by the '80s concept of skiing close to a red line on old maps.

Beyond Acknowledgment: Embracing Imperfection

Throughout our Trail Break magazine, we go beyond land acknowledgements by including stories about how people acknowledge the land.

Moose Mountain Saved

Discover the story of how our community in Minnesota rallied to protect Moose Mountain from resort expansion, preserving public access and promoting a new era of backcountry skiing as land stewardship.

Skin Tracks: Connor Ryan

Indigenous skier and all-around radical human, Connor Ryan, shares his skin track playlist. Please listen kindly and responsibly on Spotify.

Exploring Colorado’s Backyards

Discover how San Juan Mountains Association’s SnowSchool program fosters young minds' connection to the local snowscapes, exploration and conservation.

The Legacy of Whitebark Pine

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Explore the rich history and uncertain future of the whitebark pine, a vital mountain species, and discover how efforts to protect it intersect with recreation.

A Family History of San Juan Hut Systems

Embark on a journey through Colorado's snowscapes with San Juan Hut Systems, tracing the thirty-year legacy of family resilience and adventure.

Member Profile: Ella & Liam Weber

Meet Ella & Liam Weber: Youth Advocates, Sibling Snow Rippers, Winter Wildlands Alliance Members (Washington, DC and Seattle, WA).