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A group of splitboarders, guided by their Mapuche friend and guide Isaac, explore the virgin snow-capped mountains of his family's ancestral lands; where they learn how the Mapuche's bond with the land and the Earth can maintain places untouched…

Endless Winter: Chapter 1

Norwegian pro skier Nikolai Schirmer does an experiment to see if he can ski better with lower emissions. Joined by his friends Krister Kopala and Eirik Verlo he sets out into the darkness of Norwegian winter chasing the ultimate ride. Nikolai…

Can't Ski Vegas

On paper we’d come in search of the biggest ski lines of our lives. But the reality was that we simply had come to celebrate friendship. To withdraw into the wild, to remove distractions and cell service and emails, and to invest purposeful…

Drawn to High Places

In Drawn to High Places, artist Nikki Frumkin balances chaos, power, and beauty in her watercolor paintings of the Pacific Northwest’s most dramatic mountain ranges, breathing a new life and sense of wonder into these landscapes we cherish. Outdoor…
a backcountry skier hikes along a track in a snow-covered mountain in the plumas national forest

What Skiing Means to California’s Lost Sierra

The Plumas National Forest strikes a balance for winter recreation in the over-snow vehicle plan, carrying on a long legacy of backcountry skiing in the Lost Sierra.

From Capitol Hill to the Wind River Range—A Letter From Our Policy Director

I climbed a number of hills this month: after Capitol Hill, I went to the Wind River range for some backcountry climbing. And throughout it all, we have been planning the 8th Biennial Grassroots Advocacy Conference.

This Is the Letter We Sent the Forest Service

In response to the proposed revisions to their NEPA regulations, we sent the U.S. Forest Service a 12-page letter outlining in detail our critiques and comments about their revisions. Our most pressing concern is how far the Forest Service goes to scale back public engagement and environmental analysis.
Trees and a river in the Tongass National Forest, Alaska

What You Can Do to Save The World's Largest Temperate Rain Forest

We, and the rest of the world, are outraged by the fires in the Amazon. Besides eating less Brazilian beef and donating to environmental NGOs that protect the Amazon, there’s really not much we can do. But there is something we can do to save the world’s largest temperate rain forest: Alaska’s 17-million-acre Tongass National Forest, which is also facing imminent threats of destruction.

Back-to-School Trivia, Brought to You by SnowSchool

The bell is ringing for the new school year. And we’re gearing up for another season of SnowSchool, our program that takes the classroom outside in the middle of winter to teach kids about snow with a science-based, experiential curriculum.  We have big things in store for this year’s program—including a partnership with NASA to turn our students into citizen scientists! (Stay tuned for more information on that big news.) To get our brains back in shape, here’s a bit of snow trivia that may come in handy at some point on a long, flat stretch of skin track this winter. 

How Do We Make the Outdoors More Inclusive?

Introducing the Keynote Speaker to for the 8th Biennial Grassroots Advocacy Conference and Wild Weekend: James Edward Mills.

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