The Forecaster

Director: Greg Hackett

Duration: 3 min 45 sec


Shifting Ice Changing Tides

Shifting Ice Changing Tides

Filmmaker: Kt Miller

Duration: 30 min 10 sec

Shifting Ice and Changing Tides is a human and wind powered, female led, ski and sail expedition to the west coast of Greenland. In this remote, fascinating and beautiful region, we will explore and ski first descents while limiting our environmental footprint by sailing and climbing. The expedition will serve as a platform for raising awareness about climate change and environmental issues as well as for inspiring and promoting female participation in snow sports adventures.


I love Splitboarding

Filmmaker: Sam Giffin

Duration: 4 min 31 sec

Filmmaker Sam Giffin’s ode to splitboarding.


Always Above Us

Sherpas Cinema

Duration: 12 min 48 sec

A tale of life, loss, achievement and perseverance, told by climbing legends Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson as they swing leads up Montana’s most famous mixed climb, adding new pitches along the way.



japan by van

Japan by Van

Director: Nick Waggoner

Duration: 4 min 47 sec

There are no ski areas on the peaks above the historic village of Shirakawa-go, but it’s surrounded by great skiing—as long as you’re willing to hike for it. Join Carston Oliver, Eliel Hindert, Pep Fujas and Makoto Takeishi as they take to the hills to discover the meaning of “Deep” in the Shirakawa backcountry. This Sweetgrass Productions short is Episode Two in Patagonia’s Find Away series.