DPS Skis Cinematic


A trio of powder professors ascend Alaska’s Chugach, rising above the desolate and rain-soaked primordial soup of lower elevations, and evolving upwards into the purple-hued peaks that tower above the clouds — a world of brilliant color and life. The mountains become the laboratory in which they embark upon extensive study and experimentation, in order to form theories on some of mankind’s oldest questions: how did life begin, and what makes this life worth living?

DPS Skis Cinematic | 5 min 50 sec


Filmmaker: Ben Sturgulewski

Duration: 3 min 42 sec

Filmmaker Ben Sturgulewski and DPS Cinematic present Reflections, the first of a three film series to be released this winter.

Weight of Winter

The Weight of Winter

Directed by: Ben Sturgulewski

Duration: 4min 20sec

A massive snowstorm consumes Hokkaido, crushing everything under wind and snow with unrelenting force. Three wanderers push forward through the blindness of this elemental world, all the weight of winter pressing down upon them.