Wild places, wildlife, and quiet recreation are increasingly threatened by over-snow motor vehicle use on National Forest lands across the West. For many years, snowmobilers had virtual free rein on our forests, allowed to go anywhere their machines could carry them except designated Wilderness. Meanwhile, technological advances allowed people to push their machines deeper into the backcountry and climb ever-steeper terrain. However, a 2011 lawsuit brought by Advocates for the West on behalf of Winter Wildlands Alliance changed that—forcing the Forest Service to revise its travel management rule to require, for the first time, regulation of snowmobile use on National Forests.

Join Advocates for the West, WildEarth Guardians, and Winter Wildlands for our next Voices for the West webinar. We’ll discuss the evolution of winter recreation on our western National Forests, motorized impacts to wildlife and natural resources, and the need to conserve lands and soundscapes through hard-fought, science-based regulation. And, we’ll cover the latest on legal efforts to ensure wildlife habitats and quiet winter recreation receive the protections they deserve—including a twist; in some instances, it’s the Forest Service’s plans that conservation groups are now defending from snowmobile interests.