Read more about our Northern Idaho flagship site, SOLE, which has continually strived to provide adaptive extensions for students that are mentally or physically challenged.

Workshops such as these provide a great opportunity to collaborate with local SnowSchool leaders. The outcome is an improved integration of important SnowSchool curriculum elements that help create a more powerful learning experience for kids.

Sofia Jaramillo and Emilé Zynobia are wonderful new additions to our wild winter ambassador crew!

Let’s not sit this one out! If you think you might have something better to do on November 3 this year, like skiing four inches of blower pow on granite or maintaining social distancing and avoiding polling places, make sure you contact your county registrar and line yourself up with a mail-in ballot, fill it out, and get it in! Then go trash your skis, knowing that you did your part to keep your country off the rocks.