Trail Break Radio – Episode One: Going Beyond Land Acknowledgement with Connor Ryan

Did you know that in Lakota language there is not a word for “nature”? In our very first episode of Trail Break Radio, Connor Ryan, proud Hunkpapa Lakota skier, explains why. Listen to Connor’s story of ecological realizations and working to re-indigenize our collective culture.

Photo Credit: Dally Hue @dallyhue

We’re thrilled to release Episode One of our Trail Break Radio, a podcast by Winter Wildlands Alliance!

In Trail Break Radio we’re stepping off the beaten path, delving into a wide range of topics that are new and exciting in our work, from equitable outdoor access and conservation to personal stories of adventure and ingenuity. Get ready for fresh perspectives on recreating on, stewarding, and advocating for the places you love. 

For our first season, we’re sharing conversations from our 10th Biennial Grassroots Advocacy Conference held this fall at C.U. Boulder’s Mountain Research Station at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. Our community of conservation organizations, recreationists and land managers gathered together to explore the content you’ll hear throughout Season One of Trail Break Radio. Even if you could not make it to the Grassroots Advocacy conference, now you can tune in every Friday to join the dialogue with experts in public lands management, policy, ecology, and activism- all echoing the grassroots spirit that defines Winter Wildlands Alliance.

Episode One features Connor Ryan, a proud Hunkpapa Lakota and passionate skier. Connor works to inspire others to deepen their connection to the places they live and play so that they can be better relatives to our planet, our communities, and ourselves. Outdoor Magazine named him one of the “20 Most Influential People in the Outdoor Industry.” You will not want to miss this first episode, sponsored by Backcountry Partner, Dan Bailey’s