Hypocrite: with Amie Engerbretson

How do we address “The Hypocrite” in all of us?

Photo courtesy Amie Engerbretson 

“We’re all on the same team. And the problems we’re facing are so major that we really need to come together and realize that.”

There is an inherent conflict in enjoying the outdoors while contributing to climate change’s impact on our favorite landscapes. Our work at WWA to protect America’s wild snowscapes is a balancing act between protecting the resource and protecting our access to it. Climate change shows up in all aspects of our work, which is why we support nature-based climate solutions.

So, how much do our individual actions actually matter in the face of climate change and systemic environmental issues? And are environmentally conscious skiers (motorized or not) inherently hypocritical?

Amie Engerbretson, professional skier, advocate and snowmobiler joins us for a bonus episode of Trail Break Radio to address who the hypocrites are with David Page, WWA Executive Director.Listen now to hear Amie shed light on the importance of uniting all outdoor enthusiasts–regardless of their recreational choices–in the fight against climate change while giving us a behind the scenes look at her latest film, “The Hypocrite.”

Don’t miss this thought-provoking conversation that challenges us to rethink how we approach environmentalism, our shared outdoor community, and each other. Can we drop our judgments of others and of ourselves in order to take positive action and work together for the common good? Will snowmobilers and skiers ever find a way to get along?

Meet Amie Engerbretsen:  

Amie is a multifaceted professional skier known for her dynamic presence in the mountains. Beginning her skiing journey at Palisades Tahoe, she has since showcased her skills in renowned productions such as ‘Weak Layers,’ ‘Timeless’ and ‘Boots Over Brim.’ With a degree in Media Management from Columbia College, Amie transitions often between roles behind and in front of the camera. Her diverse portfolio includes films, print, videos, and her podcast, “Long Underwear.” Recognized for her climate advocacy, she was awarded the 2021 Alliance Member of the Year by Protect Our Winters for her impactful contributions to climate action.

Let’s first address the snowmobile elephant in the room. We don’t usually share snowmobile content, but Amie’s new film  blends the standard snowmobile porn with a powerful message around climate advocacy: challenging stereotypes and uniting outdoor enthusiasts.

“The Hypocrite” confronts the idea that athletes who advocate for climate action are inherently hypocritical for their use of fossil fuels in activities like driving, snowmobiling, heli-skiing, and traveling to far away snow destinations.

The film highlights the need for systemic change rather than individual guilt, emphasizing unity among outdoor enthusiasts to protect their shared playgrounds.

Despite our differences in how we enjoy the outdoors, let’s use this film as a catalyst for discussion about how we all can be a part of the solution. Watch it after listening to Amie’s Trail Break Radio episode and let us know what you think!

“I find it frustrating to be wrapped up in so much energy fighting about who gets to use the forest, when it doesn’t really matter a lot if the forest is just going to burn down.”

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