December 2023

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Whatever your Solstice plans are…

…we hope it’s a great one. We couldn’t do this work without you and our Alliance community: thanks for being here.

Noah’s Picks: Audio Fodder for Your Next Adventure

From our latest Trail Break magazine, WWA Ambassador and Flylow Gear team member, Noah Howell, shares his favorite books and podcasts for you to enjoy on your next trip to the trailhead, in the skin track, or wherever your find yourself seeking solitude.

Don’t Forget: 50% Off onX  Backcountry

Protect and explore America’s snowscapes simultaneously! Winter Wildlands Alliance has partnered up with onX Backcountry to give our members 50% off their annual onX subscription. Plus onX will donate the other portion of your subscription back to WWA.

All current members have access to this deal until December 15. Become a member so you can access your onX Backcountry subscription in time for the season’s best snow days!

Ambler Road: Take Action by Dec 18

Winter Wildlands Alliance is part of a coalition working to defend the Brooks Range in Alaska against the proposed Ambler Road. In October, the BLM released a new supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) examining the impacts of the proposed Ambler Road on clean water, Indigenous communities, and wild places that are home to the critical Western Arctic caribou herd.

Currently, the BLM is accepting comments on the EIS and proposed plan. Learn more and sign our petition with our partners at Defend the Brooks Range using the button below!

Have You Listened to Our Podcast, Yet?

Trail Break Radio is the new podcast channel from Winter Wildlands Alliance, bringing you stories and conversations from across America’s wild snowscapes and beyond the well-trodden path.

Our first nine episodes are built around audio recorded this fall at our 10th Biennial Grassroots Advocacy Conference in Colorado. From promoting equitable outdoor access to sharing tales of adventure, Season One offers fresh insights into recreating on and stewarding our cherished spaces. Join the conversation with experts in public lands management, policy, ecology, activism and more.

Episodes are released every Friday and available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Google Podcasts.

New Blankets and New Prices!

Keep cozy with our newest wild winter blankets! Grab our Recycled Cotton Bohemian Blanket embroidered with a WWA leatherette patch for all your picnic, outdoor, and blanket needs year-round. Or get the WWA Fireside Eco-Blanket for any outdoor adventure featuring a water-resistant and compact design.

Also, we’ve reduced the prices on these blankets to make them more affordable and the perfect cozy holiday gift. Get your order in by December 15 to receive on time (and don’t forget to use your member discount on all our shop items).

Policy Update: November

In this month’s policy update, we share updates on our Trail Break Radio podcast, advocacy against the Ambler Road project, support for the AORA and EXPLORE Act, and the expansion of the policy team with job opportunities in California and Colorado.

Ski Kind Stewardship in Action

We have been working with a wide variety of recreation, conservation, and management stakeholders in Bozeman, MT to improve–and reduce impacts from–outdoor recreation in the Bridger Mountains. With support from our Bridger Infrastructure Committee partners, we applied for and received a grant from the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Trail Stewardship Program to implement the project ideas the group collectively developed. This grant represents the biggest cash infusion into our Ski Kind Stewardship Fund to date.


The latest from our social media…

🏔️ Exciting News for Wildlife Conservation! The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently declared the wolverine as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, marking a crucial step in safeguarding these elusive creatures.

❄️ Why does this matter? Wolverines have faced a century of trapping, habitat loss, and now, the pressing impacts of climate change. The science is clear that wolverines depend on deep snowpack through winter and spring and face an uncertain future as our climate warms.

💙 WWA Wolverine Fan Club: Wolverines are an indicators of a healthy winter habitat and this listing reminds us of the urgent need to address climate change to protect our wild snowscapes

🗣️ A Ray of Hope: Timothy Preso, Earthjustice attorney, aptly states that this decision “gives the wolverine a fighting chance at survival.” It’s a beacon of hope for an icon of our remaining wild snowscapes.