July 2023

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Submit Your Film

We screen cinematic stories of outdoor stewardship, grassroots policy and advocacy work, backcountry adventure, and snow cinema by human-powered advocates, athletes, brands, activists, adventures, and outdoor enthusiasts. Share your film with us by September 15 for it to be considered for our 2023-24 tour season.

Spring Snowpack’s Impact on Local Watersheds

Did huge mountain snow cause local river overflow? With a huge spring snowpack in many places around the mountain west, we checked in with our national network about the impact to their local watersheds. Share your snowpack and watershed story with us, too!

Luc’s Tips Getting Through the Hard Parts

Our northernmost ambassador, photographer, author, educator, wild ice and packraft guru, Luc Mehl, shares his tips for getting through those hard parts when you start to reach your adventure limits.

Mount Rainier Winter Access

Restricted access in Mt. Rainier National Park’s most popular winter-use area (Paradise Valley) raised significant concern during the 2022-23 winter season. Now, we’re working with the Park Service to address the staffing issues as well as give our feedback on their visitor use plan.

Member Profile: Mary Beth Hennessy

Retired Forest Planner, Former Backcountry Ranger, Educator, Skier, WWA’s Newest Board Member based in Bishop, CA: Mary Beth Hennessy shares her connection to our work and why it matters.

Debt Ceiling Deal and NEPA

In early June, President Biden signed the Fiscal Responsibility Act – otherwise known as the “debt ceiling bill” into law. While we’re glad we have averted a global financial disaster, Congress and the White House used the debt ceiling bill to rewrite NEPA under the guise of “permitting reform” (even though these changes are not limited to permitting decisions). Learn more about what you can do to support our years-long battle to protect NEPA.

Policy Update – June 2023

In this month’s policy update, we share about our staff retreat, the successes from the RIMS app’s second season, NEPA and the debt ceiling deal, and more.


❄️ Happy 183 days ’til Winter Solstice… otherwise known as Summer Solstice ☀️

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