October 2022

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Backcountry Film Festival Lineup

The 18th Annual Backcountry Film Festival will be screening a collage of short documentaries and ski movies about the pursuit of objectives and ideals in the mountains, artistic vision, friendship, and how the snowsports community is adapting to a changing environment.

September Policy Update

In this month’s policy update, we share news on permitting reform, the Ambler Road in Alaska, and WWA grassroots group Wasatch Backcountry Alliance’s fight against the gondola in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

A Second Look at Ambler Road

The BLM is drafting a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the proposed Ambler Road in Alaska. WWA believes the BLM should consider: all potential alternatives to the proposed road development, additional assessments of resource impacts, and mitigation and protection measures for those resources. Public comments are due Nov 4, 2022.

Permitting Reform Bill

Even though Senator Manchin pulled his proposed permitting reform bill from Senate’s “must-pass” legislation last week, it’s clear that Congress is heavily considering permitting reform. We are working to make sure environmental justice is at the forefront and that public process is not compromised. Read more about Manchin’s original bill to get a better sense of what we’re up against.

Solving the Red Snake in the Wasatch

We are working with WWA grassroots group Wasatch Backcountry Alliance to push back against the proposed gondola in Little Cottonwood Canyon. We give you the background, our assessment and recommendations, and suggested comments for you to customize and submit to UDOT directly by Oct 17, 2022!

Watch Our Member Meeting

Missed our fall 2022 annual member meeting? On the fence about supporting wild winters? Watch this season’s member meeting to hear about the state of the organization, learn about the policy and advocacy work ahead of us this season, and how you can be involved.

Soñadora Film: Being an Immigrant is Complicated and Beautiful

Soñadora. Visionary. Dreamer. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). These are the definitions the “Soñadora” film crew are grappling with in their upcoming film featuring Vanessa Chavarriaga.


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