Taking a Moment to Look Back on 20 Years of WWA

Winter Wildlands Alliance was founded with an idea that would go on to change the way the Forest Service understands winter. Twenty years later, we’ve reached a lot of milestones and realize there are so many more to go. Read about our founder, Sarah Michael, and how what we’ve done informs what we currently do and will do for the next twenty years.

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Shoshone Comment Period Ends Sept 28th

The Shoshone National Forest bills itself as a wild backcountry forest, and indeed there are some amazing adventures to be had deep in the Wind River, Absaroka, and Beartooth mountains. What’s at stake in this travel plan, and where most skiers go, is the Shoshone’s relatively accessible world-class front-country terrain: specifically Togwotee Pass and Beartooth Pass. We’ve been working on Shoshone’s travel plan since 2016 and keeping track of all updates on our website. Read our analysis of the Preliminary Environmental Assessment, watch the info video, and submit your comments by clicking the “Learn More” button below.

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Announcing our “Best of Fest” Trailer and Lineup

From our own wild backyards, we pay homage to the last fifteen seasons of the Backcountry Film Festival with the upcoming release of our “Best of Fest” program. We’ve spent the past five months reimagining how we bring together our community, safely and enthusiastically, to celebrate human-powered stories of backcountry spirit. We ask that you join us, instead of from the edge of your seat in a local theatre, but rather from the edge of your couch. Or the edge of you camper chair in your own backyard. Or from the back of your tailgate at a drive-in. After all, what is adventure without change?

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National Public Lands Day: Membership Matters

Since 1994, National Public Lands Day has brought awareness and communities together to learn, volunteer, and share the magic of America’s public lands. Every year, we’re reminded how often our public lands connect us. This month, we celebrate our members as our resident upstanders for environmental stewardship and education, as well as our main supporters of the work we do to ensure public lands stay accessible and protected year-round. Any members joining, renewing, or being gifted a membership in September will be entered to win our National Public Lands Day giveway prize package!

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Next Steps on NEPA

CEQ’s new regulations for the National Environmental Policy Act go into effect on September 14th, and we’re expecting chaos. The new rule will mark a departure not only from decades of case law, but also 40 years of well-worn processes that federal agencies have developed to follow those regulations. In the middle of September, the government will have to figure out the rules of NEPA all over again. Our litigation against the Trump Administration is the tool of last resort to defend public lands and the public’s right to weigh in on government-decision making.

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Out There: What We’re Reading

More than 20 states enter another lawsuit against the Trump Administration over NEPA. From VOA.

Our Events and Marketing Director, Melinda Quick, chats with Backcountry Magazine about the Backcountry Film Festival.

Does raising kids outdoors prepare them for the real world? From Backpacker.

Vail released their COVID-19 season guidelines – what does this mean for the backcountry this winter? From Powder Magazine.


“Our public lands are facing are facing intense amounts of pressure right now from an influx of tourism and visitation. People need open space. They are craving places where they can breathe clean air and exercise in the outdoors with their friends and family. But many visitors might not know as much about the principles and ethics that locals know so well they often take them for granted, like #LeaveNoTrace and #RecreateResponsibly. What’s the solution? Education, empowerment, action. If you see trash on the ground, pick it up and organize a clean-up day. Tell friends who are visiting to look up fire restrictions before they go camping. We are in this together and we can support each other as we head to the outdoors for adventure. Also take note. This isn’t going to be just a summertime issue. Stewardship and responsibility will be themes we’re going to keep talking about and reinforcing as we head straight to winter. Speaking of… who else can’t wait for winter?!”

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