Winter Wildlands Alliance Ambassador Caroline Gleich at a public meeting on Bears Ears National Monument during the summer of 2016 (@carolinegleich): “Showed up at 9 am, waited in 95 degree heat for two hours to get a spot in this room. I’m not going to lie and say that attending these meetings is the most glamorous part of activism. It’s not. It’s uncomfortable. It’s slow- it can take all day- The crowds can be intimidating and at times it feels like a battleground. Preparing a thoughtful statement requires research and preparation and practice. No matter how many times I practice, my voice quivers when I start to speak. My hands shake. It’s a huge adrenaline rush. But I’m stoked to be here and make my voice heard. #protectbearsears “


Town Hall 101


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Black Diamond co-founder Peter Metcalf speaks on behalf of leading outdoor companies urgingPresident Barack Obama to permanently protect the Bears Ears region in southeastern Utah. Deseret News.