Maybe it’s just us, but it seems like it always snows in early fall. The first snowfall is a tease, a reminder that warm, long days are behind us and the time to prepare for winter is now. For those of us who ski or ride untracked fields of powder, the first snow is a giddy celebration of what’s to come. We’ve got the butterflies for all the ski days ahead. Don’t you? 

To celebrate the first flakes of winter, we are giving everyone who signs up to be a member for Winter Wildlands Alliance a Flylow trucker hat. We only have a few left, so sign up to be a member now. Yeah, we know a membership means a lot more than a hat. It’s joining a far-reaching movement of backcountry skiers and riders who are passionate about untouched lines of snow, who find meditative enjoyment on the skin track, whose best days last not from first to last chair but from sunup to sundown. 

Our members are at the core of everything we do. They support our work in winter conservation. They promote our advocacy for human-powered recreation on public lands. They help us to introduce the next generation to winter. They show up at the Backcountry Film Festival, where we stoke out the community and raise money for grassroots causes across the country.

A hat is not the reason for joining Winter Wildlands Alliance. But it’s made by our partners at Flylow, who include “skiing” in their job description, so you know it’s a hat worth wearing all season long.

Get your hat and become a member now.