Welcome Valdez Adventure Alliance, WWA’s Newest Grassroots Network

VAA seeks to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors of all ages through outdoor access, resources, education, and events in Valdez, Alaska.

Photo Credit: Marcus Garcia (on the land of the Sugpaiq and other nations)

As WWA’s newest Grassroots Group, Valdez Adventure Alliance (VAA) creates outdoor resources, programs, and events that: improve physical and mental health, promote family building, provide education on environmental stewardship, skills, and safety, and strengthen community. The Valdez Fat Bike Bash and the Valdez Ice Climbing Festival are the two annual events they put on for their Alliance and outdoor enthusiasts who love Valdez and Alaska.

VAA advocates to increase access and participation in outdoor recreation by under-represented populations including: minorities, economically disadvantaged, women, youth, seniors, and mobility challenged. Additionally, they develop, improve, maintain, and manage outdoor recreation infrastructure, especially in a manner it can best serve under-represented populations.

WWA works with grassroots groups across the country to protect winter wildlands and a quality human-powered snowsports experience on public lands. By joining and pooling interests with WWA, grassroots network members not only become part of a national movement for sustainable recreation, but also gain access to a variety of resources for increasing awareness and effectiveness of their organizations.

Please join us in welcoming our newest grassroots group and follow them on Instagram here.