Winter Is Timeless—The Stash for July 2020

Here we are in the height of summer, on the other side of the solstice. From now till December, the days get shorter. Perhaps you’re counting them down until it’s cold again. But to be honest, we’re savoring our summer days. Gardens are blooming, trails are in good shape, adventures beckon with a backpack and a pair of shorts.

Winter might be our name but our work is year-round. We are passionate about the conservation and management of public lands and human-powered recreation in all seasons. As skiers and snowshoers, we morph into climbers, mountain bikers, paddlers, and hikers. This applies to our policy and advocacy work, too. We often partner with our friends in the Outdoor Alliance—from IMBA to Surfrider, American Whitewater, American Alpine Club, Access Fund, and more—to engage on issues that affect all of us. Winter is part of a cycle. The work we do isn’t just connected to frozen high-alpine landscapes. It extends throughout our watersheds and into our drinking water.

Enjoy the warm days,
—Winter Wildlands Alliance

We’re Helping Kids Learn about the Snowpack-Watershed Connection

The connection between winter’s snowpack and the watershed is central to the curriculum at SnowSchool. It’s the story we share with hundreds of students every year to inspire a lifelong interest in winter. This spring, when COVID-19 shut down schools and sent students home, we transformed SnowSchool into a homeschool curriculum, opening the program to anyone who was interested in learning a little bit more about the snowpack in their backyard. At the end of the curriculum, students participated in the Snowpack Prediction Contest. As Director of SnowSchool Kerry McClay says, this contest is a “Winter Wildlands Alliance classic.”

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Photo: Jason Hummel

Thousands Respond to Defend NEPA

Last month, we sent out a huge call to action to defend the National Environmental Policy Act, our nation’s cornerstone law for the protection of the environment and public health. And you answered. More than 4,700 letters were sent to Congress, asking our representatives to hold the administration accountable and exercise its oversight duties. The message is loud and clear. As outdoor enthusiasts, we care about the integrity of our nation’s environmental laws. We are speaking up about the disproportionate impacts of pollution and big industry felt by communities of color. We stand for environmental protection and justice. The National Environmental Policy Act is a critical tool to defend both.

You can still stand up for the National Environmental Policy Act.

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ICYMI: NEPA Is Tumbling Down

What’s sketchier? The backcountry without a beacon? El Cap without the weather report? Class five without a scout? How about the biggest environmental choices of our generation made without science, research or public input?

Skiers for NEPA

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